I'm Moein Shafi

Software Engineer

Moein Shafi

Software Engineer

Hi there!
My name is Mohammad Moein Shafi, natively written as محمد معین شفی . I'm an undergraduate Computer Engineering student at ECE Department of University of Tehran. I am also working as a software engineer in Mahsan company.

  • From: Isfahan, Iran
  • Lives In: Tehran, Iran
  • Date of birth: Aug 1999
Research Interest

Research Interest

Network Security

Computer Networks

Machine Learning

Cyber Physical Systems

My Codding Skills






  • 2017 - Present
    Undergraduate Student of B.E. Computer Engineering
    University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

    GPA: 16.18/20
    Last 2 year's GPA: 17.90/20.
    Final project: Fast and Reliable Packet Capturing, Manipulating, and Injecting Using XDP.
    Related Courses: Cyber Physical Systems (17.7/20), Artificial Intelligence (in progress), Computer Security (in progress), Operating Systems (18.5/20), Computer Networks (20/20), Internet Engineering (19.3/20), Software Engineering (19/20), Object Oriented Design Pattern (19.35/20), Principles of Compiler Design and Construction (18.5/20), Computer Aided Design (18.5/20), Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Principles of Database Design, Computer Architecture, Data Structures and Algorithm, Advanced Programming, Engineering Probability and Statistics.

  • 2013 - 2017
    Diploma in Mathematics and Physics Discipline
    Imam Khomeini High-school, Shahreza, Isfahan, Iran

Work Experience

  • 2019 - Present
    Software Engineer

    I work in the infrastructure team and deal with various issues in this area. My work is mostly about computer networks challenges in Linux operating system. During my career in this company, I mostly worked with SNMP protocol but I'm also worked with some useful libraries and tools in networking area like Netmap, XDP, Libpcap, Zabbix, etc.
    Also my final undergraduate project has done in a cooperation of this company and my university (mentioned below).

Teaching Assistant Experience

  • Fall 2021
    Computer Nertworks
    Prof. Ahmad Khonsari.
    Computer Architecture
    Prof. Saeed Safari.
    Computer Architecture Lab
    Prof. Saeed Safari.
    Computer Aided Design
    Prof. Mehdi Modarressi and Prof. Mosatafa Ersali.
    Introduction to Computing Systems and Programming
    Prof. Hadi Moradi .
  • Spring 2021
    Computer Networks
    Prof. Nasser Yazdani.
  • Fall 2020
    Computer Aided Design
    Prof. Mehdi Modarressi and Prof. Mosatafa Ersali.
    Introduction to Computing Systems and Programming
    Prof. Mahmoud Reza Hashemi and Prof. Hadi Moradi.

Research Experience

  • Jun 2021 - Present
    Research Assistant
    Prof. Naser Yazdani Lab, University of Tehran

    I am currently working on a project about packet handling (capture, inject, manipulate) using new approach in Linux kernel (version > 4.18) named XDP. Another utility of this approach is for preventing DDOS attacks. It was also my undergraduate thesis (final project) that has done in a cooperation with Mahsan Company (mentioned above).

  • Sep 2020 - Mar 2021
    Research Assistant
    Prof. Mehdi Kargahi Lab, University of Tehran

    I worked on remote access systems and test automation. I had to implement a remote library that teachers and students could access the hardware (i.e. boards like raspberry-pi and etc that placed in university library) and running their automated tests on the boards. To do this, I worked with a tool named LAVA. At first I should using this tool to implement accessing virtual boards that emulated with QEMU. Then the project has suspended! and I stopped the second part that was meant to be about accessing real boards through it.

Voluntary Works

  • Summer 2021
    ACM Summer of Code Supervisor

    ACM summer of code is an event holds every year for younger students aim to improve their codding skills and challenging their knowledge of software design as a software engineer.
    This event has different fields like as software engineering, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and etc. My role was 'supervisor' in software engineering field and I managed students and mentors works. The project that we implement was an online game store that you could by and sell different types of games in it. We used Java Spring framework for backend, React JS for frontend, MySQL for database, Git as version control system, and JWT for authentication.






Last 2 year's GPA


Projects Completed

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Packet Manipulating with XDP

Computer-Network, Linux-Based

3-Players Bluetooth Based Pong Game (real-time)

Mobile, Cyber-Physical

Software Defined Network(SDN)

Computer-Network, Linux-Based

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Neural Network on FPGA

Architecture, AI

Changing XV6 Operating System

Architecture, Linux-Based

Customized compiler


ARM Processor


MIPS Processor


Electric Circuit Solver


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